The idea

Squishy bridges the gap between patients in the hospital and their loved ones wherever they are.

Key Features

Our mission is to enhance the connection between the children in the hospital and their loved ones. Therefore, communication is key. With Squishy, we try to allow people to connect, no matter where they are.

Immersive experience

Squishy captures the child's social life outside of the hospital with a 360° camera. The patient can connect via a VR headset or display such as a tablet or phone and look around like in real life.

Go anywhere

Squishy is waterproof and can therefore be taken to places that are unsafe for many electronic devices. Beaches or swimming pools are no longer an issue.

The patient and loved ones can connect via a 360° camera, a speaker and microphone via 5G, which ensures a great connection with low latencies.


We want the patients to be able to share their emotions through Squishy. Therefore, Squishy features an LED panel that can display a variety of expressions.

Presentation at the MWC 2021 in Barcelona

Squishy has been presented at the Mobile World Capital stand at the MWC 2021 in Barcelona.
As a next step, it will be incubated and developed at the Boston Children’s Hospital and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) in collaboration with CISCO and IBM.

In the newspapers

After the presentation at the MWC, Squishy has been featured in two Spanish newspapers:

Impressum: Aileen Kassing, Hermine-von-Parish-Str. 66, 81245 München, Germany –